Turn In NPC Locations

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Turn In NPC Locations

Post by Meescha on Fri Aug 14, 2015 1:26 am

I started to make a list of where turn in Npc are tho I stoped recording it, ive been too distracted lol, so ill post my short list here, and if you have any to add please post and ill update this post

Plymouth City
Rock and Bark Parasites, Dr Thompson at 27.7, -2.89, 24.16
Yaco 15.42,-2.89,31.05
Crazy Kiwi 35.73,-2.89,43.53
Shroffles 34.4,-2.99,35.12
Bounty collector e.g FPR Insignia's 41.72,-2.99,31.15
Rare Coin / Lesso Objects / Archeological Artifacts 36.5,-2.94,31.47


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