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Post by Guinness on Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:44 am

Hello Everyone,

     My real name is Stephen.  I like to go by Steve.  I am 40 yrs old.  Grew up all over the country.  I was an Air Force brat.  I joined the Army in 1993 and retired in Dec of 2013.  So 20 glorious years in the Armed forces. I have been driving a Semi truck since I departed the service.  During my days in the military, I spent a lil over half of it in other countries.  I was a UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter mechanic/crewchief/flight instructor.  I also served as door gunner.  I have been to Iraq, multiple times.  Been to Bosnia and a ton of other places on this plant.  Too many to list.  Just ask me in game if you want to know more. So, I have been around the block and back again.  I love combat tactics and really think it can correspond to pvp in games like these.  Such as fire teams, sniper teams, flanking, using the terrain to your advantage, etc... I'm not big into pvp, but if it is a guild sanctioned event, then I will help out. I love to craft.  I have been on a computer since I was 6 yrs old sitting on my dads lap, while he played text based games on BBS's(pre-internet) lol.  My MMO gaming started with Ultima online, then EQ for 12 years, WoW for 6 yrs, Lotro, Aion, Tera, SWG, Swtor, GW, GW2, etc... pretty much all the games out there.  Just trying to get that EQ  and SWG flavor back and I believe this could be IT!  I'm so excited about this game and I do hope it is everything they say it will be.  I have been everything from a Guild master to a peon in games.  I like to help out in all roles.  I have been to school to become an MCSA.  I also do website development.  Kind of a hobby of mine.  I will stop now lol. I tend to get too talky. See ya in game!
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