Garks guide to harvesters

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Garks guide to harvesters

Post by gark on Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:52 pm

For all the newer players i wanted to make a bit of a guide for harvesters and give a priority list when placing them on a node. First thing is getting your skills up to 2100 in logging, mining, and foraging. This will allow you to place 3 of each type of harvester. For gaining skill the quickest way is through crafting. I have thousands of each material i would be happy to share so you can quickly get your gathering skills up. 

Once you have your skill up and acquired your harvesters (if you need some shoot me an in game mail and ill make some up for you) its time to go place them out in the world. I have a set route i take when placing them that starts in cromerth and i do a large circle around kavohold hitting maybe a dozen zones and scanning down every node in them. With a set route i can pick up my loot from placed harvesters while finding new nodes to set them down again. If you can spare 20 - 30 minutes in the morning to place harvesters and then again in the evening you can collect 1200+ ores, logs & plants every day. Also by using the survey scan you will level up your gathering professions to obscene new heights. My logging skill went from 2100 to over 8k solely from scanning for harvester nodes. 

Finally what the hell should you prioritize placing those harvesters on. Below is a list i came up with and tried to give each a score out of 10 on how prized the resource is.

Mineral harvesters

Argentite cluster10
Greenockite cluster10
Rhyolite cluster10
Pyrolusite cluster10
Borax cluster10
Gold ore9
Limestone cluster8.5
Baryte cluster8.5
Gypsum cluster8.5
Palladium ore8
Platinum ore8
Silver ore8
Calibrite ore7.5
Cobalt ore7.5
Copper ore7.5
Iron ore7.5
Thorium ore7.5
Tungsten ore7.5
Lepidolite cluster7
Beryllium ore7
Fluorite cluster6
Iodine cluster6
Sphalerite cluster6
Pyrite cluster6
Galena cluster6
Chromite cluster6
Illminite cluster6
Millosevichite cluster6
Nickeline cluster6
Variskeronite ore4
Allanite cluster2
Bastnasite cluster2
Gadolinite cluster2
Patronite cluster2
Saltpeter cluster2
Xenotime cluster2

Plant harvesters

Hok Weed10
Melanko leaf7
every other plant4

Wood harvesters

Hudson Fir10

For wood i probably go through hudson fir more than almost anyone since it turns into glue. Creeit, morgan and sangiccum have some nice chems that can be pulled besides firewood and the rest are pretty much just for firewood so grade is all that matters on them. For plants i only listed the ones that produce cellulose as a biproduct and unless you are a cook most others are useless. For ores and minerals anything A grade is probably worth placing a harvester on then after that i sort of follow that order.


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