The Obscured Darkwater Nomad Connection

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The Obscured Darkwater Nomad Connection

Post by Darkwater on Sun May 31, 2015 6:32 pm

First off I would like to welcome everyone visiting our site. Please browse around and of course leave some insight. Secondly I should introduce myself. My name is Darkwater, in California i'm referred to a lot by family and friends as "G" which is short for Gil. As far as the Great mystery of the Obscured Darkwater Nomad connection it is really a short uncomplicated affair.

So is everybody comfortably sitting and enjoying their popcorn?????....... then I shall begin.

Back in the day of SWG, I was a leader of a 500 active members guild, and things were going along quite swimmingly. As the Sony Gods would soon determine the game changed, first CU and then NGE would become our new world. Many of the members had enough and left to seek other adventures, which is understandable in so many ways. The remaining 100 or so were mostly new players since the NGE, among them was Obscured, and things were going along swimmingly again.

Some two years now have passed and all of a sudden old pre NGE members started joining us in Ventrillo, happy days so I thought. But instead of sharing in all the new stuff we were doing they started an ever increasing barrage of how the new game sucked compared to the old game. Things weren't going along swimmingly any longer.

So a year more drifts by and things are all about DRAMA. Having had my fill I was looking to pass the mantle to Obscure but not surprising to me he had his fill as well. He was ready to take all the players that were happy with the NGE and start a new guild called NOMADS, and wanted me as the first member. Out of respect for the Guild I had lead for so many years and quite frankly being 100% burnt out I opted to not join but to instead take a well deserved break from gaming. So off went the NOMADS with such savory characters as Misfit and a handful of others.

Over the years since SWG Obscured and I stayed in touch and played various other MMO's. When I started The Repopulation I of course had Obscure join me. We ran pretty much wild with no connections for about a year, restarting over with each wipe. Finally in December of 2014 TR announced that there would be no more wipes until launch (or until they broke something. lol), so we decided to have a hand at city building. We had to have a name for the nation and NOMADS was the obvious choice. We agreed that the first rule of NOMADS would be NO DRAMA.

Thus is the mystery of the Obscured Darkwater NOMADS connection, and the beginning of a new nation with a great future ahead as we join others such as Solitary and Misfit (also considered founders) and the many more we expect to join.

Once again if your just visiting enjoy you stay, If Your a new member let me once again Welcome you to NOMADS.

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