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Post by Ani on Sat May 06, 2017 8:13 pm

Originally I posted this on the official forums. I am reposting it here for the guild. This article is a compilation of pitfalls and work arounds to make the Action Mode Editor work for you instead of against you.

Important point: the default mode works fine, without knowing any of this. Just bring up the action menu and show it for a while so you can see what you still need to stick in hotbar and what the action mode will do for you. It will automatically update with new abilties. This frees up a lot of hotbar space.

Having said that, I have been using the Action Mode Editor for a while now and this is what I found out so far.
Before even considering using this keep in mind the following bugs:

Sometimes when you die all your saved settings or default settings will disappear...Work around is to switch weapons with action ability bar showing. Make sure to have one weapon setup you never use and use it. Seems to glitch on weapons you commonly use. Logging does fix this bug as well if all else fails. Without the action bar showing it hard to verify this bug has hit. Many people give up on the whole system due to not knowing about this bug. If you are not showing the action bar turn it on for a bit and check, if it does not show any icons got the bug. No actions appearing above your head during combat is also a dead giveaway if you dont have the action mode bar showing. 

The def. left keys are supposed to be activated by holding control, then using left mouse buttons. This is not how it actually works. When you hit control it cycles though whatever abilities you put in the def. left slots in the action mode editor, left mouse button playing no part here.  Really annoying when you use any ability in your control function hotbar. I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND YOU NEVER PUT ANYTHING INTO DEF. LEFT ROW. It is unrecoverable in game after you put your first icon in here.

Ok referring to the problem in the previous paragraph,with the help of the technical team we have an way to fix it out of game now. Hydrotek writes back "You could try deleting the cache to get rid if the errant icons, type into your program search box:
%localappdata%\heroengine and delete ClientSettings". Personally did not work for me in windows 10 so I did a file search for hero and hero engine came up as folder. I checked in it and found client settings. I found 3 files in that subfolder and deleted all 3. I also reinstalled the game for good measure. HeroAvengerOne also suggests "I would delete the entire "HeroEngine" folder under "AppData/Local"." May not be a bad idea just for good measure.

Once you put anything in a slot on the action menu editor it wants to forever have something in that slot. (But this only occurs up to the length of you longest chain of abilities in any of the 4 bars). If you have nothing, it will put something you formerly had back in it. Easy fix is just to put a general attack in that slot or reuse some ability you have in that bar already to overwrite it.  Keep in mind what I said in the former paragraph. This fact is why you always be performing an action everytime you touch control if you put even one icon in def. left row.  

When reading your attack sequence it reads from right to left (backwards) so plan your attacks appropriately.

When your show the action menu on screen it is double the length of the icons you placed in your longest bar in length. If you put one line in the editor a bit too far for your liking it is possible to reduce it all, dont panic. Take off the number of abilities on your longest line you dont want until it the length you prefer. The other lines might be affected. At this point the editor might try to fill the other lines to the same length usually with the "attack" icon under combat knowledge. Just replace those "attack" icons you dont want with abilities you are using already, even if you have it on that line of the action menu editor already. The system does not give bad marks for using the same ability twice. Just keep in mind it still reads from right to left so keep the attack sequence you like intact.

A Few abilities such as "Take Aim" and "Locked In" in rifle, stick. The action system will only use these abilities and ignore all others. When you notice only a couple of abilities actually firing off turn on the action ability bar for a while, then identify which ones are only ones being used and put them in normal hotbar instead. The rest should fire off normally after that. Just use those manually from the normal hotbars. I have found using default mode in the early game and seeing what abilities it will and wont load up was a great indicator as to what abilties will stick like this.

When you close "action mode editor" it sets where the "Action ability bar" will appear on your screen. However if you put the bar too far to the left or right and the computer thinks its off screen, it will place the menu in a default position. Position your Action Mode Editor properly before you close it so the Action Ability Bar is where you want it to appear.

Ok, we are done with bugs it has. Granted there are many of them.

But can the action system work. Yes once you get used to its issues all of them are consistent and repeatable. Now lets move on to what to stick on those action bars.

Left: are for normal attacks. Put anything else in here at your own risk. I tried putting buffs in here and it works sometimes and sometimes does wants normal attacks.

Right: are for momentum attacks. I kept some other momentum abilities in here as well and I have not any issues with cycling them.


Def. Right: USE THIS FOR DEFENSIVE ABILITIES, INSTEAD OF DEF. LEFT. Works as intended so long as you never put anything into Def. Left column. So far I have used attack maneuvers like trip, riflebutt, kick and such with no issues. I have also used defensive abilities like roll and evasive maneuver. Both with no issues so far.  

At any rate I hope this helps and feel free to correct me or add to this discussion if you have tried the action system as well.


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