Howdy from Alexei

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Howdy from Alexei

Post by Alexei922 on Tue Jun 09, 2015 4:46 pm

Hey y'all,

My in-game name is Alexei, and I joined recently after the guys were advertising in general and I'd gotten tired of figuring everything out on my own, happy to be part of the team.

Some quick IRL information about me, my wife and I recently got married and moved from southern California to Houston, TX. We're both Air Force veterans. I was in Security Forces, and she was in Intelligence. We decided to make the jump to the civilian world so we could have more stability and eventually start a family. She works in the oil and gas industry, and I am currently going to school to become a paramedic. I've traveled a lot while I was in the military, possibly more than most. My specialty was electronic security systems and locks, a program that the USAF has expanded rapidly from essentially nothing over the last decade. I was sent to and fro to evaluate and test DoD security systems, mostly when they are newly installed or have had additions made to them. I've been to every continent except Australia multiple times, and if you have any questions about life abroad, please let me know.

I've been a gamer since I was very young, I played Ultima Online with my dad for several years, and then later Everquest right around its launch. I alpha tested and beta tested Planetside, as well as played retail for a few years. I did play SWG a lot pre CU/NGE, but I was mostly a loner. I tried to get back into it a while later after NGE, and couldn't stand it, so I didn't keep up with that. I've played SWTOR and didn't really like it. I play a bit of everything, from FPS to Strategy to Sandbox games. Mostly been playing indie games on steam as of late.

Apologies in advance though, I'm pretty vulgar once I get comfortable, and sometimes I go a tad too far.


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