Oh, me first?

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Oh, me first?

Post by Taurus on Wed May 27, 2015 6:11 am

Well to start off,
my name is Daniel. I live in Victoria, Australia.
Firstly I'd just like to show my appreciation to the NOMADS Founders for allowing me to create the forums and run the PvP "squad" of our group.

I've been a pretty serious MMO/RPG gamer for a good 12 or so years now, running the most well known PvP guilds/clans in Anarchy Online (2001) and Knight Online (2004) for a good 7-8 years. We died out in 2008(ish) where I was to put MMORPG's aside, as I became less and less immersed and nothing was around,
thankfully this year I discovered "The Repopulation" and took the time to get some knowledge of the game.
I'm also currently studying Digital and Interactive Games, and have expressed my interest to the Dev team of "The Repopulation", so we'll see how things roll out after I graduate.

Anyway, hello, nice to meet you all. See you in some cyber world? cyclops

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